• Welcome to Sierra Environmental Education Foundation (SEEF)

    The environment and its natural resources are precious commodity that all human beings and animals share. We all depend on land, soil, air, and water for our survival and sustenance, as such, it is important for all of us to be educated about our environment. Being educated about our environment and natural resources helps us in understanding the importance and the need for preserving it for future generations..


    A Welcome message from the co-founders

    The organization was co-founded by Allison BaiBai and Adija in Nashville Tennessee. We are Originally from Freetown, Sierra Leone pursuing graduate degrees in Chemistry and Environmental (Sc) Engineering. The foundation was established in 2013, with the aim at arousing and enhancing public awareness and understanding of environmental issues as well as encouraging the active participation of people from all walks of life in working together for a better, livable and productive environment.

    We are a non-profit organization that will be responsible for raising environmental awareness among the public as well as partners with other environmental groups. In the coming years, SEEF will organize numerous environmental education activities that will include formal and informal programs. We also collaborate with environmental groups in conducting a diversity of projects and continuously request funding from other grant-making organizations for environmental education and minor projects and community activities.

    You are welcome to browse our website and get involved in ways of combating water and air pollution, and environmental toxicology. We are highly involved with high school environmental education curriculum, and we welcome your support by donating. Apart from this, you are also invited to reflect on what you could do to conserve nature and improve our living environment and how you might work with SEEF to give your support.

    Building a better future requires the collective effort of everyone in the United States, Sierra Leone and around the world. I sincerely wish, we would join hands into a sustainable, and livable environment, and a better world.


    Storm water Monitoring & Sampling

    Increasing focus on our State’s natural resources and the potential contamination from stormwater runoff means that stormwater monitoring requirements increasingly affect industrial, commercial and municipal clients.

    Surface and Groundwater Monitoring & Sampling

    We will focus on organic and inorganic particulates contaminants. We will bring experience on a wide variety of projects, including permitted landfills, Superfund sites, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) TSD facilities, and petroleum release sites.

    Wastewater Monitoring & Sampling

    We will use state-of-the-art equipment, and offer a full spectrum of sampling and monitoring services that meet strict regulatory guidelines at all levels federal, state, and local. Wastewater monitoring details.

    Flow Monitoring

    Flow monitoring will allow us to proactively manage wastewater collection systems. Using flow monitoring, we can determine hydraulic conditions of sanitary sewers under various conditions, determine inflow/infiltration levels, and establish billing stations.

    Environmental Literacy

    Problem: Leadership and decision-makers do not fully understand environmental literacy or how environmental education results in environmental literacy. The link between individual efforts in environmental education and environmental literacy is unclear. We will enhance the role as the primary advocate for environmental literacy.


    We are a public organization that edpends on the generous donations from the public in order to function
    and carry out our object to serve the public good.

    How do watchdog organizations view the Sierra Environmental Education Foundation?

    In 2013, the Sierra Environmental Education Foundation (SEEF) earned its 501 (C) (3) nonprofit status in 2014. SEEF also has repetition as an outstanding and transparent environmental and education charitable organization evaluated by State watchdog groups whose purpose is to help donors make informed giving decisions.

    How can I make a memorial or commemorative donation?

    Please fill out this form to make a memorial gift and this form to make a commemorative gift. An acknowledgment letter will be sent to you for tax purposes, and if you choose, we will send a letter to friends or loved ones close to the individual being honored, informing them of the gift. The gift amount will be kept confidential.

    I lost the tax acknowledgment for my donation. How can I get a replacement?

    To receive a replacement acknowledgment for a tax-deductible gift to the Sierra Environmental Education Foundation, please send an e-mail containing your name, address, donation date, and donation amount to sierraenvironmentale@gmail.com. Please also let us know whether you would like to receive your replacement acknowledgment through e-mail or by mail.

    How can I get my gift matched by my employer?

    After making your donation, contact your company's Human Resources or Corporate Relations Department to obtain matching gift paperwork. Submit this to the Sierra Environmental Education Foundation either online or through the mail, depending on your company's matching gift process. The Sierra Education Foundation will confirm the amount of your gift with your employer, who will then forward a matching gift to the Sierra Environmental Education Foundation.

    Why didn't I receive a Sierra Environmental Education foundation membership with my donation to the Foundation?

    The Sierra Environmental Education Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) organization and donations to the Sierra Environmental Education Foundation are considered charitable and tax-deductible. Therefore, the Foundation is unable to provide you with any goods, services, or other benefits, including SEEF membership, in exchange for your donation.
    • Solve the climate crisis primarily through a successful transition to a resource-efficient, clean energy economy that better serves people and nature;
    • Secure protection for public lands and waters, promote healthy ecosystems and communities, and fight for clean air and water;
    • Expand opportunities for more people to explore, enjoy, and protect the planet by supporting programs and policies that reach across economic, cultural, and community lines to get people outdoors; and
    • Build a diverse, inclusive environmental movement that reflects and represents today’s American public and prioritizes important connections between environmental health and social justice.

    • We achieve our shared vision of a healthy planet through collaboration with the Sierra Environmental Education Foundation, our donors, and stakeholders.
    • We embrace integrity, through ethics, excellence, and transparency, to ensure the trust of our donors and partners.
    • We demonstrate stewardship in all we do through careful development and management of resources and responsible oversight of sponsored programs.