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    Welcome to Sierra Environmental Education Foundation (SEEF)

    The environment and its natural resources are precious commodity that all human beings and animals share. We all depend on land, soil, air, and water for our survival and sustenance, as such, it is important for all of us to be educated about our environment. Being educated about our environment and natural resources helps us in understanding the importance and the need for preserving it for future generations.

    Sierra Environmental Education Foundation (SEEF) is a nonprofit organization located in Manassas, Northern Virginia, functioning under 501(c) (3) tax-exempt status. The main objective of the organization is providing education about the environmental problems in the United States and the West African country of Sierra Leone and generating donations for series of causes that we will be undertaken as soon as possible and the coming years. Sierra Environmental Education Foundation is a team of two chemists and environmental engineer, originally from Sierra Leone whom came to the United States over fifteen ago and are eager to help the region about the environmental issues faces the country. Our aim is to create awareness amongst the community, especially college students, to encourage them to participate in environmental activities such as water contamination, and to act against violations. In the United States, we work in elementary, middle and high school children in cleaning our community streams and water systems.

    SEEF’s mission is to improve the collective global environmental education resources; this will be accomplished by managing several different capacity building projects and professional development activities. Our members and participants include public agencies, teachers, community organizations, businesses, and individuals distributing, supporting, or providing environmental education programs and materials. In the past two years, SEEF has worked very hard to improve the environment by initiating a series of environmental cleanup activities and projects that have helped improve the community of Westgate in Prince William Virginia. In the next five years, SEEF will be grown to 200 memberships, including 50 volunteers, 15 paid staff and several projects that will continue to develop.